The DAS Java M2 Release Candidate 4 is available at :

All snapshot references were removed and this release candidate is taged at

Please review it, and if there is no issues, I'd like to submit this
to vote soon.

Changes from DAS Java M2 - RC3

Changes from DAS Java M2 - RC2

Changes from DAS Java M2 - RC1

What's new in DAS Java M2

 DAS Core features

    - MySQL support
    - Static Data Objects
    - Dynamic root for static graphs
    - "Unique" attribute on relationships

    - Explicit ResultSet shape definition
    - Improved logging
    - Programmatic Configuration
    - Helper for empty SDO Graph
    - Convention over configuration
       - Column named "ID" is the PK

       - Column named "xxx_ID" is the FK to table "xxx"

 DAS Samples
    - Tomcat integration and automated DAS samples testing (htmlUnit)
    - DAS Samples now have all dependencies and source code inside the

sample war

 For detailed user documentation and feature descriptions, access Tuscany
DAS Wiki page

Please take a look at it and provide your feedback.

Luciano Resende

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