*Apache **Tuscany**: Not the Same Old Architecture*

Do you think of the popular term SOA as the "Same Old Architecture" concept?
The Apache Tuscany Project moves SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) beyond
buzzwords and vague arm-waving into reality. The project aims to create a
next-generation services infrastructure in open source based on the
principles behind the Service Component Architecture (SCA). With
Apache Tuscany,
application developers will be able to create, assemble, and deploy service
networks in ways that are not easily done or possible with existing

This webinar will provide an overview of how Apache Tuscany simplifies the
task of creating and assembling service-based applications using SCA. It
will also cover where the Tuscany project is headed and how it will help
developers build tomorrow's applications today.

Speakers: Jeremy Boynes and Jim Marino

*Jeremy Boynes, Gluecode CTO, IBM Corporation***

Jeremy works at IBM on emerging technologies for Service Oriented
Architecture and is an active contributor to Apache Tuscany and other open
source projects. Prior to acquisition by IBM, Jeremy was CTO for Gluecode
Software and one of the founders of the Apache Geronimo J2EE project.

*Jim Marino, Senior Principal Technologist, Office of the CTO, BEA System***

Jim Marino works at BEA Systems in the office of the CTO on emerging
technologies. He is currently involved in the development of the SCA
specifications and the Apache Tuscany Project. Prior to BEA, Jim was with
Art Technology Group and a number of Bay Area startups.

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