To everybody out there interested in seeing SCA being more widely adopted.

Recently I posted a general overview of SCA coverage at JavaWorld last
week in San Francisco. Which can be found at

I spoke briefly about the SCA panel that was attended by members of
IBM, Sun SAP and MCd by David Chapelle. After the panel, I had the
chance to briefly speak with Peter Walker of Sun Microsystems
concerning Sun support for SCA. In his opinion, Sun will probably not
support SCA, because in his mind there is no user demand. Peter has
actually invited me to tell him more about "what users want" directly
on my above-mentioned blog entry.

I personally think that having Sun support SCA in a more active
fashion, and incorporating it into the JavaEE world would do a lot to
reduce the noise around "fractures within the Java community"
(especially from Microsoft) and would be excellent for the Java
platform in general.

Is anybody else concerned with Sun's lack of support? Please provide
your comments at

I will make sure to forward your comments over to Peter. Feel free to
share any evidence of the real world adoption of SCA and the value
that it has provided. Be generic when referring to specific clients or
projects if you need to protect the innocent :-).

It would be great if we can provide hard evidence to convince Sun that
SCA is real, valuable, and worth considering.

Of course, I will also share the results of this with the community.

Jeff Anderson

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