On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 10:35 PM, Oscar Benjamin
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> I would have given the same advice a year or so ago. It's worth noting
> though that the situation with pip, wheel etc has improved significantly
> recently. It's now straightforward to pip install Numpy, scipy, matplotlib
> and many others on Windows, OSX and Linux. Try it!

There are NumPy and Matplotlib wheels for Windows on PyPI, but not for
SciPy. Building SciPy from source on Windows is not straightforward.
If you try to build with just VS 2015 installed, it fails because the
required LAPACK/BLAS libs aren't available, and there's no Fortran
compiler (Intel MKL is not free). For Windows users, I recommend
downloading the wheels for NumPy and SciPy from Gohlke's site -- or
just use a batteries-included distro as Alan recommended.
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