I have created a grid of Tkinter Entry object that looks a bit like a sheet in 
MS Excel. The data come from a pandas.DataFrame. I use a nested loop, one for 
rows and one for cols. Inside the loop, I create the Entry instances which I 
also grid() right away.

This works nicely, though a little slow. What data structure would be suitable 
so I can store the instances in it? I want to be able to easily call grid() on 
all of them. Also, I want to easily call .configure() on subsets, for instance 
to change the background color of a row when a certain value in that row is too 

A numpy array of np.objects might be okay, but it is called NUMpy for a reason, 
no? Still, the way of indexing seems very useful/intuitive/neat here. Likewise 
for pd.DataFrame. Other options might be a list of lists, or a dictionary of 
the form {(row, col): Entry instance}.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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