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Thank you Bob and Palm for your replies. They have given me something more tto 
think about.
> I don't know (now) how to solve your challenges below.  But if I were
> trying to figure this out, I would try to find more complex tkinter
> example applications

I have searched the Internet for hours looking for a game example. Most 
examples demonstrate the use of specific widgets including the canvas and 
frames but not in a class context. Putting the pieces together is difficult but 
I will persevere.

A reference book full of examples is the obvious way to go I suppose. However, 
it is difficult me to manage paper books because the space they take up and 
their weight. I do have one general Python e-book but following the few 
examples is tedious to the nth degree because the text of the examples is so 
small that I need a magnifying glass to read them.

Anyway, maybe I can justify one book, I'll give it some thought. The massive 
tome by Lutz comes to mind.

I'll give your keyboard entry suggestion some more thought.

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