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> [1]  An exception is "Beginning Python -- From Novice to Professional,
> 3rd ed." by Magnus Lie Hetland, c. 2017.  I recently acquired this
> book and so far I am enjoying it.  I would not recommend it for a true
> beginner to programming, but for anyone that has had any experience
> programming in any language I think it might be a good read for such a
> person to learn Python.  The author seems to bring in all of the
> syntactic elements, either directly or in sidebars/sections that can
> be skipped for later reading.  Perhaps unfortunately, he does not
> provide many examples, thus making it fast-paced, but if you have
> any programming experience, this can be an advantage as such a person
> probably does not need a lot of repetitive examples.  The latter section
> of the book has ten substantial projects he goes through that have
> mostly practical applications for real world examples.   I might do a
> more detailed review later once I finish the book to see if my initial
> impression holds up.  But so far I wish it were the first Python book
> I ever picked up!
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