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(1) There are very, very few good uses for static methods in Python. If
you think you need a static method, you probably could just use a
regular module-level function.

Amen to that, I try to avoid staticmethods... and so far
have never found a valid use for one. I treat them as a
piece of legacy from earlier versions, prior to classmethods.

I use them a bit for things that _could_ be module level functions, but using a static method lets me (a) associate if with a class and (b) one gets access to the method when one imports the class. So one can write code like this:

 from my_module import SomeDataFormat

 with open(datafile) as f:
   header_info = SomeDataFormat.parse_header(f)

and the module's SomeDataFormat class might have:

 class Foo:

   def parse_header(f):
     # decode the header structure and return info about it

That could easily be a standalone module function, but if the header record is a specific to the class then one can expose the parser function as a static method: it comes in with the class when it is imported, and it is clear that the parser is for what the class manages. It lets you avoid cumber_long_function_names because the "SomeDataFormat." contributes to the description.

I've also used them for factories, but think a class method is better. Thus:

 class Foo:

   def __init__(self, x, y, z):
     self.x = x
     self.y = y
     self.z = z

   def from_point(p):
     return Foo(p.x, p.y, p.z)

so that one can make a Foo directly:

 f = Foo(1,2,3)

or from some hypothetical "point" object:

 f = Foo.from_point(p)

But arguably this would be better as a class method anyway:

 def from_point(klass, p):
   return klass(p.x, p.y, p.z)

because it lets you subclass Foo:

 class Bah(Foo):

and call Bah.from_point(p) for free, and it will make a Bah instead of a Foo because it gets the class as "klass".

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