You should not be trying to copy Python.exe by hand, you should use the 

Use the installer and let it install Python to where it needs to go. If 
you still have problems, you will have to tell us how you are trying to 
start Python and the EXACT error message you get.

On Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 06:43:11PM +0800, House WANG wrote:
> > Dear python manager:
> > I can use python3.6.4,I can use 3.6.4 zip, but I cannt use python 3.6.4exe 
> > version, when installed 3.6.4exe, open cmd python, pop python36.dll 
> > missing. I copy 3.6.4zip(unzip) python36.dll into system32 and systemWow64 
> > both, it cannt solve the bug!
> > Iuse win10 64
> > Hope your answer!

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