Good day,

I'm doing research for a compsci group. I have a script that is supposed to
load every revised page of a wikipedia article on FDR.

This script is supposed to, in while loop
 access the wikipedia api and using the request library,
access the api
if the continue is in the requests
update the query dict with continue
keep updating until there are no more 'continue' ( or until the API load
limit is reached )

Here is the code:

def GetRevisions():
    url = ""; #gets the api and sets it to
a variable
    query = {
    "format": "json",
    "action": "query",
    "titles": "Franklin D. Roosevelt",
    "prop": "revisions",
    "rvlimit": 500,
    }# sets up a dictionary of the arguments of the query

    while True: # in  a while loop
        r = requests.get(url, params = query).json() # does a request call
for the url in the parameters of the query
        print repr(r) #repr gets the "offical" string output of a object
        if 'continue' in r: ## while in the loop, if the keyword is in "r"
            query.update(r['continue']) # updates the dictionary to include
continue in it, and keeps on printing out all instances of 'continue"
        else: # else
           break # quit loop

I want to load every page version with the revisions of the wikipedia page,
not just the info about the page revision. How can I go about that?

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