I'm trying to finish chapter 5 in my book and it has to do with
dictionaries and creating simple games. We need a pool of points and the
ability to exchange point between the pool and each of the, what I call,
attributes of Strength, Health, Wisdom, and Dexterity. I got only to the
first option and I'm stuck on how to get the points to change
"permanently". The program will run well for option 1 (I haven't got to the
rest of the options), but the next time I run the program it goes back to
the original configuration. Did I do everything right, but I just need to
write to a file, and that's what the problem is? or what?

I've reread the chapter, I've gone on stackoverflow and thegeekstuff.com,
I've thought about it for at least a day and I just can't figure out what
the problem is. Please help?

# Character creator program for role playing

pool = 30

attributes = {"Strength": 0, "Health": 0, "Wisdom": 0, "Dexterity": 0}

print("You have", pool, "points")
    You can apply them to your Strength, Health, Wisdom, or Dexterity.


    0 to Quit
    1 to apply points to Strength
    2 to apply points to Health
    3 to apply points to Wisdom
    4 to apply points to Dexterity
    5 to apply points from Strength to your pool
    6 to apply points from Health to your pool
    7 to apply points from Wisdom to your pool
    8 to apply points from Dexterity to your pool

choice = input("Choice: ")

if choice == "0":
    input("\n\nPress enter to exit.")

elif choice == "1":
    strengthChoice = input("How many points would you like to transfer from
pool to Strength?: ")
    attributes["Strength"] += int(strengthChoice)
    pool -= int(strengthChoice)
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