On 08/04/18 06:16, SUNIL KUMAR MAURYA wrote:
> NZEC error occurs often in Python 3.5. How can it be resolved?

A Non Zero Error Code occurs when the interpreter exits with
an error. Those are very rarely errors in the interpreter
they are due to errors in the code which it is executing.

So, to stop getting NZEC errors, you must stop writing code
that produces them.

What kind of code would that be?
It could be memory consumption issues (too much data
for your RAM?, arithmetic overflows etc (although most
of them get caught by Python's error handling - do you
get error messages?) Memory access issues - are you
using third party modules written in C?

Do you have some code that generates an NZEC that you
can share? We can then consider the cause.

Also each NZEC error has an error code which tells
you the underlying problem type. Which error codes
are you seeing.

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