On 12/04/18 11:54, Aditya Mukherjee wrote:
> Hello, I'm relatively new to python and have been given a task for
> university, and would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me basically
> just get started because as of now I am completely clueless and have no
> idea what to do. I don't really know who to ask, but anything would be of
> assistance.

OK, First you need to tell us what the problem is, and as this
is a text based email service non-text attachments get stripped
by the server. You need to send a new mail explaining the problem,
what you have tried, or think you should try.

If you have any code, even if it doesn't work send it. That
way we can clearly see where you are getting things wrong
or are mis-understanding how things work. From your comments
below it is obvious that you have not fully grasped the meaning
of much of the programming jargon and terminology. Getting these
details right helps discuss solutions without confusion arising.

> I feel like I understand the basics of functions such as lists,
> if/elif etc. 

These are not functions. Lists are data structures and if/else
are control structures. Functions are something entirely different
(and possibly you haven't covered them yet).

> but can't really comprehend what to do with anything involving
> more than the use of simple functions.

Can you write a description in English (or your native tongue
if not English) of what you want the computer to do to solve
the problem? You need to understand how you would do it, without
a computer, to be able to make the computer do it for you.

If you can do that include it as requested above.

> Helping me getting started and just understanding what I actually need to
> do would be vastly helpful, as I've heard from other students that they
> have over 200 lines. :)

1 good line is often better than 100 bad lines. Don't worry about
volume, worry about results.

> I've attached the premise of what the task is asking for, due in 2 days.

We can't see the attachment, just send us the description in
text (or a URL link if that's easier). And 2 days is maybe too
late for this one - remember email can take 24 hours to be
delivered, so by the time everyone receives/reads/responds
and you get the answer 2 days could be up!

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