Dear Python Tutor,

I am in desperate need for help with programming on python. I am new to using 
python and I’m trying to write a program called “turtle tag”. I’m trying to do 
these things in the program: 
a. Asks how many turtles are playing tag
b. Creates a turtle, assigns it a random color, and assigns it a random starting
position in the graphical window
c. Randomly assigns one of the turtles to be “it”, and marking that turtle in 
way (like making it a special color no other turtle is allowed to be)
d. Figures out which turtle is the closest to the turtle that is “it”
e. Moves the turtle that is it to a point where it is touching the closest 
other turtle

Can you please show me how it should be written please? Thank you so much.

~ Sandra Loza
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