You'll find it discussed in a couple of places in the PySimpleGUI documentation.

For example, this was written about it under the Button Element section of the 
The ENTER key :
The ENTER key is an important part of data entry for windows. There's a long 
tradition of the enter key being used to quickly submit windows. PySimpleGUI 
implements this by tying the ENTER key to the first button that closes or reads 
a window.

The Enter Key can be "bound" to a particular button so that when the key is 
pressed, it causes the window to return as if the button was clicked. This is 
done using the bind_return_key parameter in the button calls. 
If there are more than 1 button on a window, the FIRST button that is of type 
Close window or Read window is used. First is determined by scanning the 
window, top to bottom and left to right.

When questions like this arise on PySimpleGUI, I recommend pulling up the docs 
and pressing Control-F to do a search.


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We're learning Python with PySimpleGUi and have used this example program...

There is a mystery command that says:

[sg.ReadButton('Submit', bind_return_key = False)]]

If I change this 'Bind_Return_Key' value from False to True...or in fact delete 
it entirely, it appears to make do difference whatsoever to the functioning of 
the program that I can see...

Could someone explain what the purpose of this could be? I'm guessing it has to 
have a reason to be there!


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