I'm a long time IT professional trying to teach myself object-oriented
programming. As such I want to build a traditional PC app using MVC (Model
- View - Controller) architecture. Just want to make sure I'm heading about
this in the best way so I'm looking for some direction.

For the Model or persistence layer I want to use SQLite. For the View or
GUI I want to use wxPython. For the Controller I want to of course use
Python. I'm also planning on using Git for source control.

1) For the IDE I'm most comfortable with Netbeans/Java, but I'm forcing
myself to try and get comfortable with PyCharm. Is it worth sticking it out
with PyCharm, or should I go with the Python module in Netbeans? Or is
there another IDE I should look at?

2) For wxPython I'm finding a lot of the documentation is outdated. Is this
book any good:


Or is there a better book/course/website I should be working with? Or is
there a better grahpics framework at this point for a traditional desktop

3) For the O-O part, I'm comfortable with Inheritance and Composition. Do I
need to worry about any of the more advanced design patterns? This app will
be for vehicle ownership - tracking maintenance, etc. Nothing fancy.

4) I plan to write my Use Case in Libre Office Write. For the UML diagrams,
is there a simple app to handle that? I don't need it to generate code but
I'd like to have a nice class diagram if possible.

5) I'm really having trouble envisioning the GUI screens. How does one get
a handle on that? Just draw the screens on paper, or what?

Any ideas very much appreciated.

Frank L. "Cranky Frankie" Palmeri, Risible Riding Raconteur & Writer
"I never lose. I either win or I learn"
- Nelson Mandela
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