On 19/05/2019 01:37, Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> That's not quite right -- case sensitivity of the OS isn't important, 
> case sensitivity of the *file system* is. And the standard file system 
> on Mac OS, HFS+, defaults to case-preserving but case-insensitive.
> (There is an option to turn case-sensitivity off, but hardly anyone uses 
> it because too many applications break.)

Oops, my mistake. Almost all my MacOS knowledge is based on my ancient
iBook. Having had a look, it appears it's formatted in UFS rather than
HFS+ so I assume I must have done something to force that when I first
installed the system back in 2001...

It certainly appears to be case sensitive but life is too short
for me to do extensive testing right now!

> Fun fact: even NTFS supports a case-sensitive mode! But again, hardly 
> anyone uses it.

Hmm, odd. My NTFS filesystems on Windows all appear to be case
sensitive. For example I have a photo editor that saves its files
with a jpg extension but the files from my camera all end in JPG.
So I always end up with two copies - the original file and the
edited version.

I'm not aware of having done anything to cause that.
More investigation required I think...

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