The last few years I have found input from this list to be very helpful in
shaping my DVR list for the Fall TV season. These days I often do not
actually watch shows that I record; conversely On Demand and Hulu allow me
to go back and watch at least the more recent episodes of shows I did not
record, but if possible I do like to record myself shows I want to follow.

Last year, of 42 shows that I considered (not sure why there were so many
more, maybe my list below is incomplete?) I wound up only actually watching
four of the new shows, and the only one I really liked (High Castle) was an
internet show (Quantico and Blindspot became guilty semi-pleasures, but
only when I was home sick after the Holidays and had ground down my DVR

Interested in any thoughts from this list on recommended shows to record
from this new season. The list I have been working from includes 21 new
broadcast shows; below are my provisional rankings and thoughts:

Definitely Yes
1. “Designated Survivor,” ABC: This is the kind of show I am all-in with,
sight unseen. Will record and watch to the bitter end, no matter how bad it
might be.
2. “The Good Place,” NBC: It does sound a lot like a certain classic film
that many of us of a certain age love to love. I will give it some time,
but not a lot.
3. “Pitch,” Fox: I have seen a larger standard deviation in reviews for
this show than for any other. The premise has me, and I will give it a fair
4. “Timeless,” NBC: It seems unlikely this show will do anything but suck,
but then I am a sucker for all shows in this genre, and will give it a try.

Maybe Yes
5. “This Is Us,” NBC: I put it here because the critics seem to love it,
but honestly, I can not really imagine myself watching much of this, and
won’t unless I fall in love with the first episode, or people like the ones
here tell me they actually enjoy it (as opposed to thinking they are
supposed to enjoy it).
6. “Speechless,” ABC: Again, will check it out, but will be surprised if I
actually enjoy it.
7. “Frequency,” The CW: I liked the film, would like to like the tv show,
probably won’t.
8. “Conviction,” ABC: Seems very unlikely that I will like this, but I do
like courtroom shows, so may store it up on the DVR and see if I ever get
around to it.
9. “Son of Zorn,” Fox: I might like this, but it seems I rarely even watch
the Simpsons anymore, so not sure if I still have it in me for an animated

Probably No
10. “Bull,” CBS: NCIS is a guilty pleasure, but I have enough of those
(hopefully this is the year I get the “Scandal” monkey off my back). Would
have to get huge word-of-mouth on this from people I respect to really give
this a go.
12. “Man With a Plan,” CBS: This would be a clear “No”, but I did enjoy
“Episodes”, so willing to be convinced by others to try this.
13. “The Exorcist,” Fox: I will keep an ear out to monitor if against all
odds they actually do something interesting with this; I might dig it if it
was done well.

Definitely No
14. “No Tomorrow,” The CW.
15. “Pure Genius,” CBS.
16. “Great Indoors,” CBS.
17. “Kevin Can Wait,” CBS.
18. “MacGyver,” CBS.
19. “Notorious,” ABC.
20. “Lethal Weapon,” Fox.
21. “American Housewife,” ABC. “

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