> I am smiling as I read this, but also, yes - this is a great illustration
> of my point. What if my post above was for some reason quoted in an AP
> story? I am writing here informally and quickly, wouldn't I feel like the
> editor was a dick if they put [sic] after my mistaken it's? (Answer: yes,
> would).

If I'm reading the quote, and I notice the error, there are two places it
can come from. Either the publication made a transcription error, or it was
wrong in the original quote. Adding "[sic]" just tells me whose mistake it
was. I don't see it as criticism, or dickishness.

And if the publication doesn't want to run the error, Bill Partsch has done
a nice job of describing several ways they can get around it.

> Now my relationship to the Twitter is still rocky, and as Joe pointed out,
> it may be that a post on Twitter is assumed to be more formal than a post
> on a listserv, in which case perhaps my original perception was a bit
> skewed.

Most tweets tend to be informal, and are treated as such.

Similarly, just about everything we post here is reasonably informal, and
nobody gets grief for typos in their posts.

That said, if you're making a public statement that you expect to be widely
seen, whether it's on a listserv, on a social medium, or in a press
release, it's incumbent on you to clean up your text. You'll have to live
with whatever errors people point out, and some will be gentler about how
they point them out than others.

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