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> CBC has been pumping up the promo's for their latest sitcom - Kim's
> Convenience.  It's about a Korean family that runs a convenience store in
> Toronto.  They were supposed to air the pilot on Sunday, but rescheduled
> due to the Blue Jay's ball game (not the debate).
> I just watched it and LOL'd a few times.   I asked my 20-yr old daughter
> to watch and after the first 10 mins she said "I don't find this as funny
> as you do" and then went to another room.
> If you can find the pilot online, I suggest you watch it.  There is a
> reference to Anderson Cooper.    The main thing I was thinking while
> watching it was "oh there's so many of the trump-states that would not like
> this".

I downloaded and watched the pilot. It's tough to review a sitcom pilot
because they have to introduce all the main characters and define their
relationships while setting a tone for the series. I thought they did a
decent job of covering all that business. I also think they succeeded in
the setup: having the main family be Korean and making them comprehensible
and sympathetic to a diverse (and mostly white) audience.

I had one big problem with a character and that was the manager of the car
rental agency. Maybe she is there to be a comic foil or maybe her character
will evolve in later episodes but her basic insecurity and lack of
authority as a manager irritated me.

The other issue I had might relate to your daughter's reaction. I'm 56 and
when in conversation with educated young adults it becomes obvious that
their viewpoints are based on different core assumptions than mine are.
Just as they are digital natives, they are also diversity natives and they
have a comfort level with gender and orientation diversity as well as
immigrants from other cultures. I think the show tried to base its comedy
on tensions built around the gay community and the Asian immigrant
experience and those tensions are absent to the younger generation. So the
jokes don't have a strong payoff.

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