Jim Ellwanger, to moi:
> (Do any of you have a problem when reading variety.com, where after a few 
> seconds the page turns to blank white?  Only thing you can do is click the 
> back-a-page key in the browser, then probably hit 'stop loading' when the 
> text is visible. I've only encountered it in Firefox, haven't checked with 
> others.)
> Do you not see small “Skip Ad” text (and a countdown timer) in the extreme 
> upper right? The page is going to a full-screen advertisement, but if you 
> have an ad blocker installed, you don’t actually see the ad.

I have seen these, and don't have a blocker (I'm sure there isn't one 
lurking somewhere on my hard drive...), but these blanks generally occur 
after I've gone from the main page to an article.

The URL of the blanks is in the format "wyciwyg://[a number]/[the URL of 
the previous page incl. the http://]";... "what you cache is what you get."  
I looked it up on Mozilla's FF support forum, but there appears to be no 
consensus as to a solution apart from turning off an ad blocker... little 
hard for me.


> Cathryn Humphris and I lived in the same dorm in college — we’re not 
> regularly in touch these days, but it’s nice to hear about her success.

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