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> Was there profanity in Sherlock? I must have missed it.

No, you just accept it as part of things grown-ups say. Over here, PBS
treats its audience like children, for fear that a donation might be lost.

> The BBC allow a few F-words in its post 9pm dramas should they be
> warranted. The night before, Taboo had launched in a 9.15pm Saturday slot
> (very unusual scheduling). It certainly had a few F-bombs in it which I
> assume FX either had alternate takes of, or did strange sound dips to
> avoid. Am I right in thinking that's slightly too strong language for a
> channel like FX?
> I do note that drama runs a full commercial-free 60 minutes on BBC1, and
> that FX run it for 1:23 as a result. But I'm straying off topic.

And PBS did run "Sherlock" uncut, in a 96-minute slot. One point to them.
(Haven't seen it, so can't speak on "Taboo" and its language, but FX does
draw a line between "shit" and "fuck." The former is heard often on shows
that air after 10 p.m.)

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