And likely a good thing that NBCSN has the men's short program in figure 
skating scheduled in a simulcast with NBC- since that will now have to 
share time on the main network with the men's skiing downhill.
On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 10:15:15 PM UTC-5, Bob Jersey wrote:
> Joshua Cooper Ramo, who's discussed the political sitch in that part of 
> Asia with multiple hosts at PyeongChang, had a remark about Japan as their 
> contingent entered the stadium Friday that didn't sit well with many 
> Koreans... NY Times 
> <>
> (link)
> In other Winter Games news, two events scheduled for today were impacted 
> by heavy winds: the men's skiing downhill was moved to Thursday, displacing 
> men's skiing super-g to Friday; and women's snowboarding slopestyle "pulled 
> a NASCAR," as some ignorant I used to know would have said, cancelling 
> qualifications and moving all races to Monday...
> B

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