With multiple hat tips to AwfulAnnouncing.com...

Cari Champion-to-SportsNation <https://espnmediazone.com/us/?p=185312> once 
Michelle Beedle goes to the Deuce's morning show is done (ESPN Media Zone 

Jemele tells the "View" ladies <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSoLPm6a2yo>, 
no, she wouldn't make that Cowboys tweet again ('toob link)...

we might have the real reason Charley Steiner dressed up the way he did in 
the "blackout" "This is SportsCenter" ad all those years ago... he actually 
went to Woodstock 
only to leave before the good stuff, he told the podcast Just Not Sports 
(AA link, incl. said spot)...

and speaking of Beedle, "NBA Countdown" will move back to the homestead 
before settling in at that same studio she'll share with Greeny and Rose 
(The Big Lead link).


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