Following up on this, it appears "instinct" has run out of original ideas, just 
three episodes into their run.  There's a very credible accusation of 
plagiarism, involving the show's episode last week, and a (much too) similar 
storyline from the fifth season of "Bones".  Basic plot is the same, and 
several instances of word-for-word duplicate scenes.

The story:

...and the evidence:


bones instinct 

Doug Fields

Tampa, FL

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I watched the pilot live, and I agree.  Nothing special about the show.  It’s 
absolutely boilerplate cop/non-cop buddy show.  Completely derivative of every 
one that’s come before it…and, oh, look at that!  He kissed that guy on the 
lips!  **shrug**  Big deal.

It’s got a certain charm that might give it a chance for a renewal or two.  But 
really, nothing to see here.

Doug Fields

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Michael Rauch writes for 
 (link) about how his Alan Cumming series — the first American primetime 
broadcast drama with an openly gay leading character — helps change the 

Not to be cynical but if the show gets cancelled after two episodes, how much 
does it matter or change the landscape? It's a mid-season replacement show and 
that shows the faith the network has in it.

I caught the pilot free on iTunes... it is a quirky, upbeat, joke-filled show 
about catching a serial killer (traditionally a topics for guaranteed laughs?). 
The lead's homosexuality neither helps nor hinders the show. I'm not wild about 
the whole "cop with a non-cop partner" concept in general, so this one was 
going to be a hard sell for me. I wasn't sold.

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