I guess the other part of my question #1 is why does this story obsess so
much over the value of his real estate holdings? It fawns over it in the
body of the story, and then just in case we missed it, gives us a summary
at the end. Rose owns a $5M home in the Hamptons, a $3M apartment in
Manhattan, a $2M pad in Georgetown and a farm of unreported value in North
Carolina. If Charlie Rose’s sexual misbehavior is related to his growing
belief that his own shit didn’t stink, then it might have something to do
with getting so grossly overpaid to do interviews about which the most
complimentary thing one might saw is that they were better than Barbara
Walters or Larry King.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 3:17 AM JW <redbu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > 1) how did [Rose] get to be so rich? Does PBS really pay that much?
> His Nightwatch days at CBS were probably not rich-making, but likely paid
> enough that with good investment advice from friends in the financial
> industry, he could do well. Then, owning his PBS show and going back to CBS
> in prominent positions would be lucrative before investing.
> > And 2) where does the idea that [Rose] was the preeminent journalist of
> his
> > generation come from?
> I don't know about "journalist," but he was right up there as
> "interviewer." Of course, there's not exactly stiff competition for that
> title, especially on a daily basis. As time passed, he fell into the sorts
> of ruts that everyone who's on for a long time does, but for complicated
> news, he was still the most likely person to have three guests who knew
> what was going on and ask the sorts of questions that would help to explain
> the issue.
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