I enjoyed that in-studio "Wait Wait" far more than the usual version. 
Reminded me of the glory days (and, yes, I won Carl Kassel's voice back in 
the 90s).

Also read tonight that both Maher and John Oliver will be new this week. I 
welcome the latter and wish the former would just melt away like the slimy 
toad he is.

--Dave Sikula

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 8:12:42 AM UTC-7, Bob Jersey wrote:
> David Bruggeman, in part, today (3/24):
>> If you're missing new Colbert, they were originally scheduled to be off 
>> this week.  Stephen did appear on this week's episode of "Wait Wait, Don't 
>> Tell Me..." available on the NPR website.
> Glad to see "Wait Wait" able to continue remotely...  B

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