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>> Hi,
>> In the last couple days I've noticed that there are a bunch of spurious 
>> changes being made to tickets in the issue tracker.  These come from commit 
>> messages that reference a GitHub PR that happens to match a ticket number in 
>> trac.
>> For example, https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/600#comment:11 
>> <https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/600#comment:11>
>> I guess this doesn't really hurt anything ... except it's dumping a constant 
>> low level of garbage into the issue tracker and generating some annoying 
>> emails (that end up having nothing to do with what the subject suggests).
> This is, unfortunately, going to keep happening more frequently as the PR 
> numbers get higher and the corresponding Trac tickets get less sparse.
> The way I'd like to address it is to change the format of our commit message 
> to namespace Trac tickets differently; instead of just "#", using a URL, like 
> "Fixes https://tm.tl/1234 <https://tm.tl/1234>".  I wouldn't even mind if we 
> just had to use the Trac wiki syntax for this, i.e. "Fixes [ticket:1234]" as 
> long as we could turn off the "#" syntax which Github also uses.
> However, this involves surgery within Trac's code, and for me personally, the 
> work required to find the relevant regexes and modify them is worse than 
> continuing to deal with the annoyance.  However, I would very much appreciate 
> it if someone else would take this on :-).
> Where's the source for Twisted's trac deployment?


> Is it actually possible to deploy modifications?

There's probably still an undocumented setup step or two that we've missed - 
but after following 
<https://github.com/twisted-infra/braid/blob/master/README.md> 'fab 
config.production trac.upgrade' ought to do the trick.  Allegedly it's even 
possible to set up a test development environment as per 
<https://github.com/twisted-infra/braid/blob/master/README.md#vagrant> :-).

I haven't made any major changes since all these docs were added so I'm just 
following them from the beginning for the first time myself now. but certainly 
the prod-deploy process has worked fine for me many times on various services.

> I'll take a look, if so.

Please be vocal about any roadblocks you hit.  The ops situation has improved a 
ton since the last time you looked, but (accordingly) it's also changed almost 

Good luck - and hopefully you'll need a lot less of it than previously ;-).

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