On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 10:35 PM, Amber Brown <hawk...@atleastfornow.net>

> It does on master, i think, but unsupported doesn't run on PRs.
> I'm happy to move it to supported if we're happy with it! I think since it
> runs all the main reactors plus asyncio, we can be relatively trusting of
> it being green now...
That build runs select, poll, epoll, and asyncio reactors.  So since there
are about 12,000 tests, running 4 times, that is about 48,000 tests
for this builder.  That took 39 minutes.
That's a bit long, but maybe that's OK.
I don't know if it is worth figuring out any ways to optimize this run by
maybe using "trial -j", or splitting
the run of each reactor into a new builder.

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