On Aug 8, 2018, at 9:40 AM, Alex Georgie <a...@seedanddew.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm Alex from SeedAndDew. I was chatting with Moshe about SeedAndDew and 
> whether Twisted would like to participate and he mentioned bringing it to the 
> mailing list to get your opinions.
> SeedAndDew is a common subscription platform that allows users to contribute 
> to a number of open source projects with a single subscription. The idea here 
> is that it's a lot easier to get people to contribute $10/month to every open 
> source  project they work with than it is to get them to contribute $5/month 
> for a specific project. The subscription revenue will be distributed based on 
> the amount of time users spend reading documentation of the respective 
> project which I anticipate will correspond well with actual use. So if a user 
> spends 10% of their time reading the Twisted documentation, you get 10% of 
> the subscription revenue.
> Our goal is to increase the pool of people who contribute to open source by 
> removing the friction of having to manage subscriptions paid to specific 
> projects and changing it as your stack and interests change. This would be a 
> passive income source that doesn't require any further work outside of the 
> initial integration.
> So far we have 10 projects including SQL Alchemy, RSpec, Bundler, Browsh and 
> Parse. Does this seem like something you would be interested in?

We'd definitely be interested in this, but you probably want to contact the 
Software Freedom Conservancy - https://sfconservancy.org/about/contact/ 
<https://sfconservancy.org/about/contact/> - to work out the details of how 
this might work financially.

Thanks for reaching out!


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