On Tue, 07 Jul 2009 15:33:41 +0200, Simone Deponti <shywolf9...@gmail.com> 
>Hello all,
>I was searching for a way to implement a fast, reliable WebDAV server.
>I've been using Apache so far, but without exciting results, as there
>are a couple of things (among those, Windows client support) that just
>don't cut it.

Twisted doesn't yet have one of these, unfortunately.

>So, having some twisted programming experience, I thought about giving a
>twisted solution a try because I remember seeing the dav module inside
>web2: but looking at trunk, I couldn't find it anymore.

It's been removed from trunk, but it still exists in a branch where (the
idea goes) it is being maintained and improved and generally pushed towards
a state where it can be re-added to trunk.

>I thought it had then been backported into web, but no luck there aswell.

This is the idea, and some progress has been made towards achieving it, but 
this is largely stalled at this point, with lots of work left to do.

>Anybody knows about it? And what is the current state? Is it usable, or
>needs some "loving"?

For certain purposes, it's usable (at least for whatever purposes Apple is
putting it to, by definition :).  Here's the code:



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