Hi Ryan,

The search.twitter.com system does not support $$ or a wild-card for all stock symbols.

 – Matt Sanford / @mzsanford
     Twitter Dev

On Jul 1, 2009, at 1:49 PM, Ryan wrote:

I'm using the API and am trying to search for stocktwits (those tweets
which contain the string "$$" or "$" followed by a ticker symbol). I
can easily search for "$aapl" for example, and it works fine. But if I
search for "$$" the API never returns any results, so I must be
searching for it incorrectly. (Searching for "%24%24" doesn't work any
better.) What is the correct string to search to get the desired

Also is there a generic search term? as in "$***" where the asterisk
is any character?

Thanks for the help.

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