I get the 401:Unauthorized Error every time I attempt to get a request
token. When I attempt to go to the URL directly in the browser (not
yet accessed to preserve nonce) I get a body of "Failed to validate
oauth signature and token".

I am using the Leah's oauth client listed at http://oauth.net/code
as well as the python-twitter (0.7-devel) and oauth-python-twitter

I was able to get these same libraries to work on a different project
but not on the current one I am working on.
I have refreshed my tokens numerous times and also tried the working
ones from the other project. I also tried the tokens from this project
on the other project that was working and that WORKED.

As such, I am guessing it is an issue with my setup or some other lib
I am working with.
Both projects however have Python Versions  2.5.2 and should otherwise
be the same setups.

Domain the project is on is http://articulture.blainegarrett.com if
the matters for some odd reason.

Any thoughts?

Here is the code I am using to call the libs if it helps:
oauth_consumer = oauthtwitter.OAuthApi(consumer_token,
request_token = oauth_consumer.getRequestToken() # httplib exception
bubbles from within here
authorization_url = oauth_consumer.getAuthorizationURL(request_token)

Thank you!

Blaine Garrett
gchat :  bla...@jrcorps.com
aim: zombiediv
y!: zombiediv

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