Hi Folks,

I've run into an interesting question that's not really addressed by
the docs.

In the documentation for followers/ids, it states: "(Please note that
the result set isn't guaranteed to be 5000 every time as suspended
users will be filtered out.)" In addition, it seems that http://bit.ly/lp2f6
(thread in this forum) claims that some zero-length pages may be
interspersed among the pages containing ID's

The Question
I've carefully retrieved every page of followers/ids for a user with
roughly 20K followers, stopping only after three consecutive zero
length pages. The total number of id's fetched is about 25% lower than
the count reported by users.show().

Can I surmise that the delta between the two follower counts is due to
suspended accounts? Is there a twitter api bug in play? Or a
combination of both?

Alternatively, an explanation of why the followers/ids total count
differs from that of users/show would be terribly interesting.



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