You should consider using the Streaming API in conjunction with the
REST API to build such a service, it might make things a little
easier. Currently there are several obstacles for a large-scale
integration with a service that intends to duplicate a desktop
application's functionality. The REST API, in part due to rate
limiting, and in part due to the nature of polling, doesn't make this
particularly easy at small scale, and makes it impractical at large-

As luck would have it, we've been very casually discussing just this
sort of integration. Feel free to mail me your requirements and I'll
get them to the Platform product manager.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Jul 7, 8:57 pm, whoiskb <> wrote:
> From what I can tell, the white list limits are 20,000 calls per
> hour.  I am curious if any app out there has come close to hitting
> that limit yet, and if so could you provide some usage details about
> your application?
> I am trying to make a decision about creating a single user desktop
> app vs a multi user web app.  I really want to create it as a web app,
> but I am concerned about the long term viability of the white list
> limit.

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