On Jul 8, 2009, at 4:22 PM, Doug Williams wrote:

It is not possible to view a user's email address. Additionally, it is not possible to perform a user lookup based on an email address.

This is not entirely true, though can not be done through the API. I had friends find me on twitter, and for month, never knew why. It is quote simple to load an email into gmail, and add that to twitter and it will look up any user with that email.

I wish this feature was able to be disabled. I have had to create a junk email account in twitter, just so I have some privacy. I get that the posts are not private, but I had an account that was not something I wanted people to connect with me. That is too late now.

No where on the twitter Web site is it explained that your email address can be used as a way for users to locate you.

I personally believe, this should be explained in detail on the join page where you enter in your email address. And I should be able to opt out of this feature.
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