I'm building an app that uses the atom search API to retrieve recent
posts which contain a specific keyword.  The API docs say:

"Clients may request up to 1,500 statuses via the page and rpp
parameters for the search method."

But this 1500 hits per search cannot be done in a single request
because of the "rpp" limit.  Instead I have to perform 15 sequential
requests in order to get only 100 items returned on each page ... for
a total of 1500 items.

This is certainly a good way to increase the server load, since 15
connections at 100 results each takes far more server resources than 1
connection returring all 1500 results.  Therefore I'm wondering if I'm
misunderstanding something here, or if this is really the only way I
can get the maximum of 1500 items via atom search?

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