> You are correct, you have to do 15 requests.  However,
> you can cache the results in your end, so when you come
> back, you are only getting the new stuff.

Thanks Scott.  I'm storing the results in a database on my server but
that doesn't stop the search from retrieving the same results
repetitively, because the search string/terms are still the same.

My problem is going to occur when thousands of people start tweeting
my promo codes every minute and I'm not able to retrieve all those
tweets because of the search API limitations.

If I'm limited to retrieving 1500 tweets every 6 minutes and people
post 1000 tweets every minute I need some way of retrieving the
missing 4500 tweets -- but apparently Twitter doesn't offer anything
even remotely close to this capability -- so I can see where it has a
long way to go before it's ready to support the kind of search
capabilities I need.

> Twitter has pretty good date handling, so you specify
> your last date, and pull forward from there.  You may
> even be able to get the last id of the last tweet you
> pulled, and just tell it to get you all the new ones.

Yep, that's what I'm doing ... pulling from the records I haven't
already retrieved based on the since_id value.

But when the new tweets total more than 1500 in a short time, the
excess tweets will get lost and there's no way to retrieve them --
unless I run my searches from multiple servers to avoid Twitter's ip
address limits -- and doing this would be a real kludge that I'm not
tempted to bother with.

> > I'm building an app that uses the atom search API to retrieve recent
> > posts which contain a specific keyword.  The API docs say:
> > "Clients may request up to 1,500 statuses via the page and rpp
> > parameters for the search method."
> > But this 1500 hits per search cannot be done in a single request
> > because of the "rpp" limit.  Instead I have to perform 15 sequential
> > requests in order to get only 100 items returned on each page ... for
> > a total of 1500 items.
> > This is certainly a good way to increase the server load, since 15
> > connections at 100 results each takes far more server resources than 1
> > connection returring all 1500 results.  Therefore I'm wondering if I'm
> > misunderstanding something here, or if this is really the only way I
> > can get the maximum of 1500 items via atom search?
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