I just did a successful authorization with my iphone app.

Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch.

From: Duane Roelands <duane.roela...@gmail.com>
To: Twitter Development Talk <twitter-development-talk@googlegroups.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 9, 2009 7:29:28 PM
Subject: [twitter-dev] Re: Has something with OAuth changed?

Yes, my application - which was working this morning - is now getting
401s on every OAuth request.

Something changed.

On Jul 9, 7:25 pm, "dean.j.robinson" <dean.j.robin...@gmail.com>
> Everyone just magically got logged out of my hahlo4 beta, which was
> working fine an hour ago, and now when they reauthorize its not
> sticking.
> OAuth login works fine, redirect back to hahlo4, but all api calls are
> returning 401 status codes.
> Saw mention in another topic regarding whether  twitter.com orwww.twitter.com
> should be used when making api call, all my calls are currently 
> usinghttps://twitter.com
> Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

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