First, I wouldn't expect that thousands are going to post your promo
per minute. That doesn't seem realistic.

Second, in addition to the Search API, which is quite liberal, you can
the /track method on the Streaming API, which will return all keyword
matches up to a certain limit with no other rate limiting. Contact us
if the
default limits are an issue.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Jul 9, 3:51 pm, owkaye <> wrote:
> > You are correct, you have to do 15 requests.  However,
> > you can cache the results in your end, so when you come
> > back, you are only getting the new stuff.
> Thanks Scott.  I'm storing the results in a database on my server but
> that doesn't stop the search from retrieving the same results
> repetitively, because the search string/terms are still the same.
> My problem is going to occur when thousands of people start tweeting
> my promo codes every minute and I'm not able to retrieve all those
> tweets because of the search API limitations.
> If I'm limited to retrieving 1500 tweets every 6 minutes and people
> post 1000 tweets every minute I need some way of retrieving the
> missing 4500 tweets -- but apparently Twitter doesn't offer anything
> even remotely close to this capability -- so I can see where it has a
> long way to go before it's ready to support the kind of search
> capabilities I need.
> > Twitter has pretty good date handling, so you specify
> > your last date, and pull forward from there.  You may
> > even be able to get the last id of the last tweet you
> > pulled, and just tell it to get you all the new ones.
> Yep, that's what I'm doing ... pulling from the records I haven't
> already retrieved based on the since_id value.
> But when the new tweets total more than 1500 in a short time, the
> excess tweets will get lost and there's no way to retrieve them --
> unless I run my searches from multiple servers to avoid Twitter's ip
> address limits -- and doing this would be a real kludge that I'm not
> tempted to bother with.
> > > I'm building an app that uses the atom search API to retrieve recent
> > > posts which contain a specific keyword.  The API docs say:
> > > "Clients may request up to 1,500 statuses via the page and rpp
> > > parameters for the search method."
> > > But this 1500 hits per search cannot be done in a single request
> > > because of the "rpp" limit.  Instead I have to perform 15 sequential
> > > requests in order to get only 100 items returned on each page ... for
> > > a total of 1500 items.
> > > This is certainly a good way to increase the server load, since 15
> > > connections at 100 results each takes far more server resources than 1
> > > connection returring all 1500 results.  Therefore I'm wondering if I'm
> > > misunderstanding something here, or if this is really the only way I
> > > can get the maximum of 1500 items via atom search?
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