I had a similar question last night and found this thread that offered
some insight into the most efficient way to do something like this.
Here is the thread that discusses the best approach to get details on
all of the friends or followers of a user:


On Jul 9, 12:20 pm, chachra <sumit.chac...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to design a "invite twitter friends" feature (similar to
> the invite facebook friends concept).
> Sadly its not drop some code, like Facebook is... I'll have to develop
> from scratch. Wondering whats the most scalable way of doing this?
> Details:
> #1 By friends of course means "followers" since I can direct message
> them
> #2 The graph API call returns ID's, I would have to make $n api calls
> to get details on each of the $n id's right? Getting the users name,
> picture etc. ?
> #3 Then when the user selects users to invite, and presses "submit"
> then I'll have to make $m direct message calls ($m < $n)?
> Sounds like a lot of API calls to achieve something really simple.....
> anyone have ways of doing this nicely? I would love to eliminate calls
> in #2 if possible.
> Cheers!
> Sumit

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