Note: The Streaming API is currently under a limited alpha test,
details below.

Please test that your Streaming API clients can handle unexpected
objects in the markup stream. Status deletion notice support is being
added, but will be disabled until at least Thursday July 16th to allow
developers a chance to check their code. From the wiki,

Streams may also contain status deletion notices. Clients are urged to
honor deletion requests and discard deleted statuses immediately.

    * XML:  <delete><status><id>1234</id><user_id>3</user_id></
    * JSON: { "delete": { "status": { "id": 1234, "user_id": 3 } } }

Objects other than <status> and <delete> may be introduced into the
markup stream in a future release. Please ensure that your parser is
tolerant of unexpected objects.

Important Alpha Test Note:
The Streaming API (aka Hosebird) is currently under an alpha test. All
developers using the Streaming API must tolerate possible unannounced
and extended periods of unavailability, especially during off-hours,
Pacific Time. New features, resources and policies are being deployed
on very little, if any, notice. Any developer may experiment with the
unrestricted resources and provide feedback via this list. Access to
restricted resources is extremely limited and is only granted on a
case-by-case basis after acceptance of an additional terms of service

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

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