Hi there , I'm new to this group, so hello everyone,
I'm tryng to set my first (php) use of the twitter API using CUrl and
I'm experiencing a strange behaviour:

 I get this http_code zero when my post has been added and also when
I can't authentificate. I read a previous post on this group saying it
was caused by:

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);

That post said that commenting out this line (or setting to false)
would fix it.
But if I do so I get a good 401 for password error which makes me
but still have a 400: <error>This method requires a POST.</error>
when it should post fine...

I can't get my 200 even if the update is posted to my twitter
succesfully using that curlopt_post.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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