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Here are just a few of the Twitter APPS we have developed

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http://Twitter.com/edpimentl <http://twitter.com/edpimentl>

http://AskTwitR.com <http://asktwitr.com/>   (Real Time Twitter Search &
Reputation Management)
http://TwiTR.Me <http://twitr.me/>          (Cross Social Network Messaging
http://WatchNtweet.Me <http://watchntweet.me/> (Watch and Chat/Tweet)
http://TwebEX.com <http://twebex.com/>     (Twitter Based Online Web
Conference Platform)
http://TwitrShare.com <http://twitrshare.com/> (Send Picture and Message to
Tweet Contacts)
http://TweetUp.ws <http://tweetup.ws/>      (Twitter based  MeetUp service)
http://PiCurio.us <http://picurio.us/>          (Spell with FlickR, Let
others SEE what you are saying)
http://Tweet4Coupons.com <http://tweet4coupons.com/> (Tweet to Save)
http://TweetOrder.in/ <http://tweetorder.in/>     (Tweet Food Order)

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