Hi there,

Earlier today I ran afoul of the rate limit for updates through the
API. But no error was returned to my app. To make sure my app wasn't
suppressing the error message, I sent an update using curl:

curl -u <username>:<password> -d "status=testing" 
-D headerfile

The status wasn't updated and no error message was returned. The
headerfile contained HTTP return code 200. But when I tried to enter
an update for the same account through the web interface at
twitter.com, I got an error message saying that I had posted too many
updates in the last hour.

When I used the curl command above and the update failed, I did notice
that the returned <text> element did not contain the status text I had
sent. Instead it contained my last successful update from 30 minutes
earlier. When there is a successful update, the <text> element seems
to contain the status update I just sent.

Should I examine the <text> element to verify that the update worked,
instead of checking for HTTP error codes? Or was this just a temporary
glitch today?

All the best,


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