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In addition to deletion notices, limitation notices will be added to
track streams. These notices will be enabled on or after Tuesday July

Deletions will be enabled on or after Thursday July 16th, as
previously scheduled.

From the wiki,

Streams may also contain status deletion notices. Clients are urged
to  honor deletion requests and discard deleted statuses immediately.
    * XML:  <delete><status><id>1234</id><user_id>3</user_id></
   * JSON: { "delete": { "status": { "id": 1234, "user_id": 3 } } }

Track streams may also contain limitation notices, where the integer
track is an enumeration of statuses that matched the track predicate
but were administratively limited. These notices will be sent each
time a limited stream becomes unlimited.
   * XML:  <limit><track>1234</track><limit>
   * JSON: { "limit": { "track": 1234 } }

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