On Jul 15, 4:17 pm, Nick Arnett <nick.arn...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The solution is to go about this the opposite way.
> Bit.ly will return the same shortened URL for any request using the same
> source URL.  So, use bit.ly to shorten the URL, then search Twitter for the
> bit.ly URL you get back.  The same is true for other URL shortening services
> and the more popular ones all have APIs.

That is exactly what I was trying to do, and it worked reasonably well
for tinyurl (since the option for individual URLs with tinyurl was not
so prominent). However, with bit.ly and I think most other popular
shorteners the default now are individual URLs. Therefore that
approach does not help much anymore.

Also, one would have to search Twitter for all possible shortened URLs
- that is the next problem. For now I would be happy if I could cover
bit.ly and perhaps four ot five other ones.


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