If you're sending DMs then you should be limited to 1000 DMs / user /
day or 100 / user / hour.  I run into the limit issue as well but for
a game that seems ample, no?

DMs won't count against your IP address, they count against the user.
Also, you could request whitelisting.

On Jul 16, 7:48 am, Bjoern <bjoer...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a Twitter-based game and I realize I might have a
> problem with limits. I want the players to submit moves via dm and
> send the results back via dm. It seems to me sending results via dm is
> better than sending a @reply, as @reply might spam too many uninvolved
> users.
> Not supposing that the game becomes wildly popular, but just in case,
> is there any chance of improving the dm limits? Otherwise only very
> few games could be played every day.
> In general I see a problem for "individual" services, like for example
> reminder bots. What other options than dm's would there be?
> I suppose for the game I could make it so that users don't follow the
> game bot and send back @replies. But then they would have to hit the
> "@replies" screen to see game results. I'd prefer a more instant feel.
> Also, then I might run into the following limit.
> Björn

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