GET calls are IP based (yours, not the client's) and count against the
rate limit generally mentioned.

On Jul 15, 8:56 pm, LEE <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would like to ask, the default rate limit for calls to the REST API
> is 150 requests per hour, is the rate limiting on IP (client) or on
> User A/C? I have a web application to get the friend's status. I
> didn't a testing to on this web application, using an A/C "ABC" to
> keep on getting the friend's status. It ran about 70++ time to got the
> result successfully, after that twitter returned exceed rate limiting.
> Then i tried to use another A/C "DEF" to continue to get the friend's
> status, but twitter returned exceed rate limiting. Guys, do you have
> any idea on this rate limiting is on IP or A/C?
> Thanks and Regards,

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