TweetPhoto Open API:

What is included in the Open Photo Sharing API on TweetPhoto:

Getting Started with the TweetPhoto API
All Write Operations (HTTP POST/PUT/DELETE)
Privileged Operations
Basic Upload API (Upload and UploadAndPost)
Advanced Upload API (Upload and UploadAndPost)
Sample C# Upload and Post
Sample iPhone Code for Uploading a Photo
Add and Delete User Favorites
Add User Comment
Add User Photo View
Delete User Comment
Set User Settings
Get Public Stream Photos
Get Viewed Photos in Public Stream
Get Commented Photos in Public Stream
Get Favorite Photos in Public Stream
Get User Profile
Get User Settings
Get Photos Uploaded by a User
Get Who Has Viewed a User's Photos or a Specific Photo
Get Comments for a User
Get Favorites for a User
Get Friends for a User
Get Photo Details
Get Image Paths
Embedding Images from URLs
Available Atom and RSS Feeds
Fetch Image from TweetPhoto URL
Signin and Provision

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